Coronavirus Notice

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We Are Here to Serve You

Fouché’s is open to serve you during the mandatory “Shelter in Place”. As we are an essential business that provides care for your loved one and family, we believe our role serving you and the community during this time is a critical one. Our dedicated staff has worked very hard to provide solutions to accommodate you and your family in order to serve and comfort you during your time of need. 

To accommodate you, Fouché’s has enhanced the way we help you plan and hold services. We offer several options from which you may choose.  Call us at 510 654-8558 for our options.

With the uncertainty in the quest to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we understand your confusion and frustration.  Even though we are a business, our business is about people.  Our staff shares your anxiety, confusion and struggles going about their day to day lives with their families too.  And they have made the decision to be here for you too.     For 105 years Fouché’s continues to keep our family’s needs as our highest priority.  We can do that because of employees who care.

We are together in this crisis and our resiliency and creativeness will get us through.  You and your family are in our prayers. 

Call us at 510 654-8558 for questions or clarification.